Analytics Setup Download

The starting point of world-class analytics on a website is defining the purpose of the site and the goals for the web business. Once you know the targets, you need to make sure your analytics tools provide you with the right data at the right time to measure your progress. Then you need the create dashboards and reports that show everybody involved how you are doing. And finally, you need to make sure that all of this can be continuously updated.

Quru Analytics Setup is an analytics service package that gets you going with analytics. We use a phased approach where we first audit your current analytics setup and then configure you analytics tools to match the key performance indicators (KPI) defined for your business, and finally create the reporting structure you need. We also help with implementing tag management tools.

Typical modules in an analytics setup project include an analytics audit, the tag management setup, creation of dashboards and a training session.

We can provide you all the information you need with this handy product sheet that you can print out at your leisure.
You’ll get:

  • Pricing information. Need to justify the price to your boss? Find out the details in our product sheet.
  • Deliverables. Need to know exactly what to expect for your money? More information is included about what we deliver, and how it will help your business.
  • What’s expected from you? The product sheet includes information about what commitment we need from you in order to deliver on the case.
  • Full service description. Much more depth about what we do and the outcomes our clients typically see.