Digital Marketing Audit Download

Digital marketing gets more complicated by the day. Instead of just running simple campaigns and measuring cost per click, the task is to continuously optimise marketing with a multitude of tools and to measure the real business that you get from the campaigns over the whole customer life cycle.

The starting point of good digital marketing is to select the right tools and get the right settings in place so that you can track and optimise your marketing spend.

Quru Digital Marketing Audit is a service package for setting up and auditing your digital marketing toolset and campaigns.

A typical digital marketing audit will include various components, such as checking the Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools profiles and updating them as needed and reviewing marketing activities against a set of analytics parameters and reviewing previous marketing activities and their performance.

We can provide you all the information you need with this handy product sheet that you can print out at your leisure.
You’ll get:

  • Pricing information. Need to justify the price to your boss? Find out the details in our product sheet.
  • Deliverables. Need to know exactly what to expect for your money? More information is included about what we deliver, and how it will help your business.
  • What’s expected from you? The product sheet includes information about what commitment we need from you in order to deliver on the case.
  • Full service description. Much more depth about what we do and the outcomes our clients typically see.