Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium offers unsampled data with an enterprise level SLA and a competitive flat-fee pricing that brings no surprises. Quru is the first Google Analytics Premium re-seller in Finland.

With Google Analytics Premium, you get many benefits over the free solution. You get more data more quickly, deeper insights, dedicated service and service level guarantees. You get more custom variables, fresher data, larger data limits, more segmentation accuracy and larger reports.

Google Analytics Premium can handle high traffic volumes, while still producing accurate reports on key segments, even at a granular level, and can fully accommodate the audience personas from all marketing programs. It is a reliable tool, assured to be available when you need it the most and measures digital display media with minimal headache. It is also easy to budget for and does not constantly present new costs.

Based on our experiences from real-life customer cases where we have implemented Google Analytics Premium, the main practical benefits are:

1. Access to non-sampled data
Sampling is a problem especially if you have high volumes and a lot of content and want to analyse comparably small numbers of events or conversions that are important for your business. Sampling also makes reliable analysis of web data over long time frames difficult and time-consuming.

Google Analytics Premium solves this issue by offering unsampled data that allows faster and more accurate analysis. It gives you business details that have not been available before. Launch a campaign in the morning, see how it is doing before lunchtime. Try different things, see what works, and adjust campaigns as necessary. With Google Analytics Premium you can put your marketing money on efforts that produce value.

2. Guarantees on service levels, reporting and data ownership

If you are serious about your digital business and data analysis, you may want to have enterprise-level terms and quality of service for your analytics tools. You may also want to be sure that you own all of your analytics data and have the ability to export the data freely. Google Analytics Premium offers explicit data ownership, an SLA on data collection and guarantees on access and freshness of data that you won’t get in the standard version.

3. Tailored Service from a Premium partner

With many enterprise business tools, implementation, support and quality assurance can bring about extra costs that are difficult to estimate. A Google Analytics Premium license always includes support from your local partner.

When you buy Google Analytics Premium from Quru, you also get a review of your analytics accounts and a professional audit of the analytics setup and requirements, an implementation Guide and QA Support. The license also includes continuous reporting and asset management. Also included in the package is analytics training and, of course, technical Support with a single point of contact from the same time zone and in the local language.

Google Analytics Premium is, however, not a tool for everybody. We believe you should consider Google Analytics Premium if you:

  • have over 10 million of visits per month
  • do custom analysis on large amounts of visits at a time
  • regularly analyse small samples that require un-sampled data
  • need a more customised solution with a lot of custom variables
  • need your data processed and refreshed faster
  • need guarantees on your data and service levels.

Getting the best out of Premium also sets high requirements for your organisation. To get the benefits, you need to:

  • know your business requirements
  • define the process and the reports you want to see
  • allocate time (and budget) for testing marketing material and content
  • have clear roles and responsibilities for analytics over all of your domains
  • get serious about tagging
  • start practicing data-driven decision making
  • and finally – make a habit of it all!

Luckily, you also get local support (all the way from Kaisaniemi) from the best analytics experts, all included in the license fee. If you have a high-volume site with advanced analytics requirements, get in touch and book a meeting with our analytics team.

Get serious, get Premium!