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Why do we need analytics tags?

When you turn on web analytics on your website, the typical tools start collecting data about the very basic things that happen on the site. Without any configuration, the analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, will tell you things like the amount of visitors and pageviews – events where the page URL changes. But not much else. By default, none of the things that actually happen when a visitor is on the page will be visible in your analytics tools.

If you want to track your website effectiveness properly, you will want to know more. You might want to track conversion points (sales, subscriptions, downloads), videos (video plays, length of time, pauses and video ends/stops), exit links or affiliate links, remarketing tags, form fills, button presses or just about everything else that goes on when a visitor browses a page. To show all this in your analytics tool, you need analytics tags.

Tagging can be painful…
In the old world of tagging, the analytics tags were hard-coded in the website HTML code. The main problem in this model was that we usually had to work with IT people to make the changes to the code. And that was usually difficult and almost always too slow (you needed to first specify the task, then some IT people didn’t follow instructions, the tags were implemented in a custom way, were corrected and ended up being too late).
In today’s fast moving Internet world, campaigns are started in the morning, changed by lunchtime and updated again in the evening. If you want your analytics to follow, there won’t be time to write specification documents to the IT department or purchase orders to a web development partner. If this is the case, you can’t track everything you want as fast as you want. You miss valuable insights.

…but there is another way

Don’t ask IT to make the changes every time, use a tag management system (a TMS for short). A TMS is a script to replace all other tagging scripts. By adding a single script to your website you can manage all your tagging from the cloud.
You only ask your tech people to add the script to every page on the website once.

This can be done in 5 minutes with most modern content management systems. After that, you can get any campaign tagged in the same day. Want to tag conversion, exit links, form fills, video plays? No problem. It can all be done from a TMS interface.

Pick your tool, we will manage it for you

There are a variety of tag management tools on the market today. Quru’s default tool is Ensighten. Another solution that we often use is Google Tag Manager, a free tool you could also use to tag anything (not just Google Analytics).

Whichever tool you pick, we can guarantee that you save a lot of time and money when implementing high-quality analytics. You will get better and faster analytics and save in web development vendor costs and internal management.

If you’re serious about web analytics and digital marketing, you need to do tag management. It is as simple as that. If you are looking for a partner to implement tag management for you, it will be hard to find a company with more tag management experience than Quru.