Training and Coaching


The rules of internet marketing change all the time as new features to analytics tools are introduced every day.

Everybody working with digital marketing and internet business development should get training on the latest tools and practices at least once a year. Our most popular trainings and coaching workshops include:

  • Quru Advanced Google Analytics
  • Quru Adwords training
  • Quru Google Analytics Basics
  • Quru SEO coaching workshop
  • Quru SEO training to content creators

We will tailor you a training package that will suit your business and training requirements in analytics, optimisation and marketing. Whichever workshop you choose, we will always use your website and accounts for the training and coach you with real-life examples.
You may not get coffee bread, but you will remember what you learned even the next day.

We can provide you all the information you need with this handy product sheet that you can print out at your leisure.
You’ll get:

  • Pricing information. Need to justify the price to your boss? Find out the details in our product sheet.
  • Deliverables. Need to know exactly what to expect for your money? More information is included about what we deliver, and how it will help your business.
  • What’s expected from you? The product sheet includes information about what commitment we need from you in order to deliver on the case.
  • Full service description. Much more depth about what we do and the outcomes our clients typically see.