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With its’ 414m worldwide members, LinkedIn is a key network for marketing – especially for B2B marketers and services. Emil has the details about their new feature – Account Targeting.

“LinkedIn is often overlooked for marketing opportunities in favour of more general social networks and the likes of AdWords. But with 414m members and approx. 8m listed businesses it’s a great place to target ads, especially in the B2B area.

In recent days, LinkedIn has launched Account Targeting. The service is initially available for customers purchasing Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Updates through LinkedIn, but will be expanded to self-service customers in the future.

The premise of Account Targeting is quite simple and, potentially, extremely useful. As a user of the service, you will create a list of companies which you want to target your ad to (up to 30,000). This list of companies is processed by LinkedIn and employees of those companies will be identified and associated with your marketing list. When you launch your campaign, your ads will be pushed to employees of those companies you have specified.


The feature also allows a user to specify things such as job function and seniority, ensuring that your ad gets put in front of the right person or people within these organisations.

Find out more by checking out LinkedIn’s Account Targeting pages.”