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Christmas has come early for AWR users with a recently rolled-out update including some new features. Riikka has the details.

“AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) is a great tool to track how your site ranks online. It also offers a host of other tools to analyse your site’s ranking performance and gain insights, enabling you to improve your site accordingly.

Last week, AWR released some new features in their AWR Cloud tool to give you even more data and insights.


A new Links report enables you to see the links that bought traffic to your site. Authorise AWR Cloud to access your Google Analytics account and you’re good to go. The Links report will currently show you three views – Overview, Domains and Landing Pages.


SEO Browser

The SEO Browser is a crawler that will try to show you a URL as if you were a Google Bot spider, meaning you can see how your visual design directly affects your SEO. The SEO Browser will also provide information such as word counts, internal and external links and the number of headings, along with standard information found in headers and meta content.

IMAGE: http://awr.blog.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/08103926/2-seo-browser-1024×933.png

Keyword Research

Keyword research is now available in the UK and Germany. In addition to the 30 million indexed keywords for the US, there are now also 5 million keywords for the UK and 4 million or Germany.


Visual Changes

The left side menu has been updated slightly and now includes the Links UI report, as well as placing all Google related items under, unsurprisingly, Google! This includes Analytics, Keywords, Organic CTR, Algorithm changes and SERP features.

IMAGE: http://awr.blog.s3.amazonaws.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/08105138/4-menu-changes.png

Check out the full blog post and all the details on the AWR site.”

Image credit: AWR blog