If you’re using Facebook video ads, there are some fundamental things it’s worth considering when creating your ads in order to make them more effective and better connect with your audience. Emil has some top tips.

Facebook video ads continue to rise, with spending now surpassing Facebook image/photo ads .

But to ensure you get the best reach and engagement, there are a few things to bear in mind when you create your video ad.

  • Combine different audio. Videos plays on mute by default, so ensure that if the user un-mutes the video you have compelling and engaging audio. Combine music, voiceovers and visuals to immerse the viewer.
  • Test and optimise. Make more than one version of your video and run them. See what works and what doesn’t, and use this information on future videos. Don’t just make one video and repeat the format.
  • Different videos for different segments. It’s well worth creating different content and messages for different user segments. For example, your message should be different for new customers vs returning customers. Changes don’t need to be huge, but tweak and target accordingly to maximise engagement.
  • Timed to perfection. Long videos generally bore and don’t tend to work well on a platform in which users rapidly scroll the screen to consume large amounts of news and information in short time periods. Try to keep the video shirt and sweet – ideally no more than 30 seconds.
  • Don’t make your ads seem like ads. Interest and engagement is captured when you provide value or something of interest. Don’t go ‘full-on sales’ in the first few seconds of a video. Users aren’t generally on Facebook to buy things, to making your ad seems less like an ad – while still delivering your message – is hard, but key.
  • Hook the audience immediately. Get to the point in the first few seconds, otherwise users will scroll on by. An interesting or catchy start will keep the user engaged, as will a tease that makes them curious. Again, as the audio is initially muted, your first few seconds of video really has to make a visual impact.
  • Customise for specific audiences. A generic ad may get more views, but will likely get less engagement and lead to less conversions. Utilise Facebook data (Facebook Audience Insights) to understand the interests of your audience and then tailor both the ad and message itself, as well as your targeting preferences.”