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Ease of use and convenience go a long way in to convincing a potential customer to buy something from you – whether that’s on your own site or on another platform. For those using, or thinking of using, Instagram, things just got easier. Emil has the details.

“The ability to buy an item you see advertised on Instagram has been around for a while now, but it’s not the perfect system. Instagram is now testing a new way to help users get more information on products they see and help the buying decision process.

Currently, if a user sees an item advertised that they like the look of, they can get some info about it from the post text itself. But to get more detailed information, they need to click the CTA and navigate to the brand or company’s website. Leaving the platform that you’re currently engaged with can be off-putting, so Instagram wants to improve this experience and save you from leaving the app synthroid levothyroxine.

The solution being tested will add a tap to view icon at the bottom of the image the product features in. When this is tapped, a tag will appear next to the item, or items (up to five), in the image, showing the item name and price. A tag can then be clicked on for more information about the product. Within the additional information there will be a Shop Now button which will take the user over the to the business’ website to make and complete the purchase.


This potential new shopping solution aids both the merchant and the Instagram platform. As a business, you get to showcase your product(s) in more detail, as well as hopefully getting traffic to your site from users more inclined to convert and buy. For Instagram, well, it gets what all social platforms want – users never really having to leave it and the inconvenience of navigating between different apps/pages in order to research or review a product.”

Image credit and more detail: Instagram blog.

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