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After a slew of recent Google updates and tips – and with more to come, I’m sure – we now have a new update Facebook and their Canvas ads. Emil has the details.

“Canvas ads have now been available to all businesses for almost a year, allowing for an immersive, mini-website feel all in one ad on mobile.

Given the popularity of Canvas ads – Facebook says  that so they have over 150 years’ worth of cumulative views – it’s little wonder that they’re expanding upon the existing options that Canvas ads offer.

To begin with, objectives for which Canvas ads can be used are expanding, with Facebook saying:

When Canvas was initially launched, it was only available for Website Clicks and Website Conversions objectives. Now, Canvas is available for a variety of our brand-oriented marketing objectives, including Brand Awareness and Video Views. This means that brand marketers can use Canvas across their range of goals for their campaigns.

There’s also new Canvas templates coming, helping to simplify the creation process.


Canvas ads will also become more immersive with the addition of 360 video elements and links to other Canvas ads. Users will be able to move through content by tilting their phones, and eventually a fully immersive experience could be had with AR/VR capabilities and content – areas in which Facebook is already investing and developing heavily in.

Check out all the details and see some great example from Facebook here.”

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