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Facebook continues to recover from its recent misreported metrics, and is doing so by opening itself up and offering even more options to marketers. Emil has the latest details.

“Following on from its recent metrics reporting issues, Facebook recently announced that it’s opening up to third party audits, and is also offering new options for those using its video ad services.

Over the course of the next year, Facebook has announced that it will be doing the following:

  • More Impression-Level Data

Facebook’s new verification partners will now receive more detailed information about the ad impressions coming from Facebook and Instagram, ensuring the accuracy of data in order to provide better insights. This will include:

  1. Milliseconds that an ad was on the screen
  2. Milliseconds that 50% of the ad was on the screen
  3. Milliseconds that 100% of the ad was on the screen
  • Audit

Facebook has committed to an audit by the Media Rating Council (MRC), which will help to verify the accuracy of data and information which is passed to partners.

  • Third-Party Verification

Facebook now has 24 global third-party measurement partners , providing independent verification and enabling marketers to work with their preferred vendor to help better understand their measurement needs such as reach, attribution, audience demographics, brand lift, offline sale and mobile app measurement.

  • New Choices For Video Buying

Facebook wants the most creative, meaningful and memorable campaigns on its platform, and, for that reason, there will soon be more choices when buying video ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

  1. Completed-view buying: advertisers will only pay for video ads that have been viewed in their entirety, for any duration up to 10 seconds
  2. Two-second buying: compliant with the MRC video standard, where at least 50% of an ad’s pixels are in-view for two continuous seconds or longer
  3. Sound-on buying: advertisers will have the ability to buy sound-on video ads

Check out the full announcement and get all the detail here