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Have you ever wondered how you can get more from your Instagram ads? Well, there’s a few simple rules which it’s always worth sticking to when producing ads for Instagram. Mikko is here to tell us more about them.

“Optimisation, keywords, SEO, etc, are all things we always hear a lot about when creating ads and copy in the online marketing world. But there are also some other fundamentals to remember, especially when it comes to the likes of Instagram.

  • Attention to detail. Try to utilise images that are bold and high-contrast. Simple, stylised images fit the general focus and content already being posted on Instagram. High-quality images will stand out on a timeline and will get attention. Shoot images specifically for Instagram or utilise RAW files in order to have the highest quality possible and not be posting grainy or blurry images.
  • Lighting can get you seen. In conjunction with the above, try to ensure you use natural light over stronger (and harsher) artificial lighting in your images. This will give a more authentic and organic feel to the image.
  • Brand lightly. Organic looking content performs best. With that in mind, try to minimise the use of branding and logos on your images. If you insist on adding a logo, ensure it doesn’t overshadow your content by making it as small and subtle as possible.
  • Keep words to a minimum. Facebook employs a 20 percent rule when it comes to text within ad images. Ads that don’t abide by this rule run the risk of being rejected by Facebook. Instagram isn’t quite so strict, but it’s worth bearing in mind and using it as a rule of thumb in order to make your ad as effective as possible. If possible, place any text as a caption with the image so as not to overshadow the image itself.”