We can’t do what we do alone. No-one can. Not even the biggest agency on the planet can do everything. They all have to rely on tools or partners to do world class digital marketing and sales.

We work closely with Google to deliver world class Analytics and are the only independently owned Finnish company to be a Google Analytics 360 re-seller. We also have in-depth knowledge of tag management using Google Tag Manager. We’re also renowned and respected at managing performance-based advertising across search engines and the Google display network, as well as combining remarketing, DoubleClick and other technologies to make your return on ad spend even more effective.

Adobe Analytics is an industry–leading solution that empowers you to understand your customers as people — what they want, need, and believe. As partners we help you discover your most valuable customer segments using Adobe Analytics and use these insights to steer your entire business with customer intelligence. We also deploy Adobe Analytics and help build it into your enterprise.

Quru are a part of SEK (our sister company) and we sit at the same office on Annankatu 28. SEK are a creative house with 110 professionals. They’ve been doing this since 1935 so they’re qualified to say that digitalisation has broken the old silos of marketing. Advertising, PR, digital marketing or marketing automation no longer exist. All that’s left is brand behaviour that either is or isn’t managed. We work as a collective with SEK helping them with the data driven and technical part of their work while they manage branding, creative work and communications.


With an extensive range of marketing expert services all the way from predictive analytics, exploitation of artificial intelligence, business development, planning of inspiring contents and understanding of digital channels, to effective project management. Dagmar have a staff of 140 marketing experts, comprising strong teams specific to each client and its needs. Quru and Dagmar combined bring the best of breed in Finland for your data driven marketing.

Voitto is a visionary and courageous media agency that understands people and time. They identify growth opportunities, gather and present information to support our insight. We monitor and optimize the media investments’ effectiveness. Quru add strong analytics capabilities to Voitto and they bring much stronger media research and planning to our team.

IDBBN is an international award-winning advertising agency and one of Europe’s leading marketing automation experts. They work with tools such as Eloqua, Salesforce and Hubspot to build individually targeted and timed campaigns based on prospects’ activities and interests. Quru provide analytics and marketing support to IDBBN clients and we bring in IDBBN’s specialist expertise when we need marketing automation support.

Luxus have worked with us on a number of cases since 2012. They are a digital services integrator that combine strategic thinking, creativity and powerful technology across marketing, design and marketing tech. We help each other when we deliver managed services for our clients making sure global marketing operations integrate well to clients existing processes, deliver strong analytics competence and form strategy to help take clients to the next level.

Tealium revolutionises today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to managing customer data across web, mobile, offline and IoT.  With the power to unify data from a single source of truth, Tealium’s Universal Data Hub enables organisations to leverage real-time data to create richer, more personalised digital experiences.