Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Adwords and Display Services

Pay per click is a good model because it literally means you only pay the search engines when someone clicks on your search engine advert.

Quru primarily manages Google Adwords, but also Microsoft Bing, Yandex, Yahoo! and social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook on a pay per click basis for our customers – usually for those who are following our outsourcing model. We can also explore these possibilities for you during a digital marketing audit.

Google always has been, and probably always will be, our biggest partner. Our people have been running Adwords campaigns since Adwords was invented at the turn of the century – well before our company was even founded.

  • We combine

    Unlike our competitors, we combine analytics when we run digital marketing campaigns.

  • We test

    We test hundreds of variations of ads daily.

  • We look

    We look at paid search as part of the bigger marketing picture.

  • We understand

    We understand how to get the best value for your marketing spend, typically seeing a 10:1 return on investment (10 euro for every euro spent).

We also run Display services and have tools to test hundreds of variations of banner ads at the same time through selected services. This gives us an advantage when testing what kind of creative works in a banner ad for instance. We also work with Google Display Network and many other major publishers.

The difference between Quru and our competitors, especially in the media buying space, is that we truly combine analytics when we run digital marketing campaigns.

You’ll notice in the table below for instance that most media agencies will report on their campaigns and show you simple return on ad spend metrics. However, Quru go a step or 10 further than that when we do analytics.

Analytics competence Average Media Agency Quru


Paid Media Impressions
Paid Media Clicks
Paid Media cost per click
Paid Media Cost per sale
Paid Media Conversion rates
Paid Media budget improvement
Return on Ad spend
Bounce rates
Page views per visit
User type
Device type
Channel Attribution
Predictive analysis
Business insights
Data validity
Platform validity
Organic search traffic sources
Direct traffic sources
Email traffic sources
Social traffic sources
Own traffic sources
Traffic Segmentation
Multiple data sources
Unsampled data
Determining A/B tests

By understanding the overall value paid media brings to the whole marketing mix, including across organic, direct, social, and other owned media sources like email or SMS, we truly understand how to get the best value for your marketing spend.

Any Google spend should not be handled in a vacuum. You should be testing and modifying based on the best customer value you can find. For instance, reaching new customers might be best done via Display and PPC, while reaching older and more loyal customers could be far more effectively managed using email and SMS to drive traffic to tailored landing pages. It’s all about the marketing mix.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our accounts team about our PPC, Google Adwords and Display services, please get in touch so we can do a free business evaluation to determine whether you’d be a good fit for this service.