We’re back from our summer break and office move , with lots of great tips lined up! First up – Google Analytics Demo Account.

“Google offers a plethora of ways in which you can learn about Google Analytics. There are online and offline courses and training, books, guides, an official support community, as well as a large number of 3rd party and unofficial sites, blogs and forums. But, sometimes, practical experience can be the best way to learn and remember something – at least for me it is! You can set up dummy accounts, but this can be difficult to manage if they’re linked to functioning sites. So now we have a fully functional Google Analytics Demo Account.

With data coming from Google’s own Google Merchandise Store, live site and ecommerce data can be reviewed and utilised to training purposes, including AdWords linking, Goals and Enhanced Ecommerce.

The demo account can be used in conjunction with training, acting as an additional tool and allowing you to give real-life, live, examples of topics or features, as well as allowing you to create things like tests and quizzes based on the data within the account.

Log in and give it a try via the link above, and feel free to tell us what you think, and any other ways you utilise it.”