Today, Emil, one of Quru’s online marketing strategists, gives his insights and thoughts on long-tail advertising campaigns and how subtle marketing on sites before your main campaign can put you in people’s minds without them even really realising.

Long-tail campaigns are less in-your-face and more subtle, but the campaigns tend to last longer. While we work with clients on these campaigns, we also do lots of pre-campaign work with more subtle ads placed on sites that relate to the clients’ product.

If a client wanted to start advertising their loans and credit business, before those actual loan adverts went live, we would look at placing smaller, subtle ads on sites where a loan might be beneficial to the end customer. I spend time brainstorming with the client to identify markets and products where I could link their product. About a month before the main campaign I will introduce these smaller leading ads. For example, people commuting in to the city may have to buy an expensive yearly travel card, and for this a lot of people take out loans and pay it back across the year – so we could look at placing ads on the specific information pages of train company websites.

While the visitor may not always want a loan right there and then, it subtly places the clients company in to the mind of the visitor, and come the time when they see the full ad campaign for the loans, they will tie this back to seeing it on the site(s) they visited and will realise how it could benefit them and their needs.”

If you’re a marketing professional, or if you’re planning an advertising campaign and want some more information on how to lead in to it, where to place your lead ads and how to track their impact and conversions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to try and help you out.

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