How to buy digital analytics consulting services?

It is definitely not easy from the buyer to decide from whom to buy, yet even how to buy analytics consulting services. There are so many things effecting the pricing of services. On this page you will find information about Elements effecting pricing, typical pricing models, and typical hourly rates within analytics industry.

The below elements typically effect the pricing of consulting services:

  • Cost
    • to maintain employees
    • to sell and market
    • to run the business
  • Flexible pricing models
    • Package-based
    • Value-based
    • Result-based (see below table)
  • Market forces
    • Demand of services
    • Competition
    • Maturity
  • Supply of experts
    • Scarce skills cost more (Adobe vs. Google)
    • Type of work (strategic vs. operative)
    • Seniority of consultant

Typical pricing models in the consulting industry.


Another thing to consider when choosing a consulting agency is to think of the length of contract. Longer contract means commitment from both the agency and the customer. Longer contract means partnership. However, you should be careful and not to lock yourself into 6 or 12 month contract with an agency that doesn’t serve you well. Always demand a clause for termination in case of poor quality of service.


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