Are you in the business of having to think up new and interesting copy-text for your online ads? Or do you just want to know what a great bit of copy-text can do for you? Well, Emil is here to explain his process for testing his copy-text and the benefits you can get from some great text.

Ad text is a key part of any online ad and I work on optimising it to get my clients the best performance on their PPC (Pay Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate). I’ll normally produce at least 2-3 versions for an ad, using key word variations and synonyms to make the ads different, but keep the message consistent and as the client requires.”

“Producing multiple ads means I can then test them out for a few weeks and see how well they perform. After which I can pick the best ad to run for the campaign based upon rankings and CTRs.”

“For the client this means we optimise their message and advert, ensuring its performance is as good as possible, which leads to more traffic at a lower cost!”

If you’re currently working in marketing, or just want some more information on what great marketing, adverts and copy-text can do for your business, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to try and help you! You can also check out Google’s advice and see if their tips help you produce even better copy-text.
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