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Another day, another Google Analytics update and top tip. If you’ve ever needed to move a property between GA accounts, Mirkka has some good news for you in her first tip!

“Keeping your analytics accounts organised is key to helping maintain an environment that’s easy to work in and offering you the best opportunities to utilise the tools and features and get the most from your data and insights.

When working with larger clients who have numerous sites and analytics properties, there’s sometimes the need – or wish – to reorganise things a bit in order to group similar properties to help improve things like workflow and make it easier to navigate between associated properties. Previously, this wasn’t possible, but Google is now rolling out an update to GA which allows properties to be moved, helping to simplify accounts and set them up in a way that makes more sense to you and your business needs.

Other benefits of consolidating multiple properties under one account include being able to apply the same set of filters to all of the views, easily manage users and access from a single account, and the ability to utilise the likes of Change History to see all events from all of the properties in the same account. And doing this within Analytics 360 will also allow for a new Roll-Up Reporting feature, which will allow you to aggregate all of the data from multiple properties.

No retagging is required when moving a property, but you must have full admin access to current “source account” as well as the intended “destination account”. Properties can be moved by going to the Admin section of the source account and selecting Property Settings, and then selecting Move Property.

Get more detailed information and instructions from the Google Blog here.”