Heatmap Eye

Heatmaps are a great way of visualising different types of data, and, today, Fanny, has a great tip on how to use R with Google Analytics to produce useful heatmaps.

“The majority of heatmaps, and tools that help you create them, tend to focus on overlaying the visualisation element directly on top of the webpage UI, showing where the cursor and clicks have been. But there is another great way of using a heatmap to visualise some of your data.

IMAGE TEXT: A traditional heatmap on a webpage

If you’re not familiar with “R”, it’s a programming language that can be utilised for data analysis – we’ve talked a little bit about it here in the past. R can be used in conjunction with GA data to produce some great heatmap data visualisations.

Ryan Praski has a great beginners’ tutorial on how to use both R and GA (even with videos) and how to set up and hourly session data by day and page scroll depth heatmaps. Instead of seeing the heatmap overlaid on a webpage, or a table of data, both are combined to give you a super simple, yet easy-to-understand visualisation. Great for quick views and analysis.

IMAGE TEXT: A page scroll depth heatmap with R + GA

If this is the kind of simple yet effective visualisation you’ve been looking for, or you just want to give it a try, go check out all the details on Ryan’s blog post, which also contains links to R and GA tutorials.”


Image credit: MonetizePros and RyanPraski.com