Retainer Model

As part of our retainer model we lease out one of our team on either a full or a part-time basis. The consultant then works with you and your colleagues in your offices and gets to learn hands-on about your business from the inside.

This model works especially well in larger businesses where there are many different moving parts, where there are lots of employees that require daily in-house help and is often a very cost effective way of developing real business insights.

In a similar way to our outsourcing model, you have the benefit of working directly with consultants that have many years experience, primarily specialising in a field of digital marketing operational work, such as SEO, SEM, Analytics & Testing or other digital business consulting fields.

  • Availability

    Retainers on SEM, Analytics & Testing or SEO.

  • Flexibility

    With more flexibility in terms of ad-hoc requirements and on-the-fly changes.

Whilst the outsourcing model produces great returns, typically, the retainer model has more flexibility in terms of ad-hoc requirements and on-the-fly changes, which, in turn, helps to drive culture and eases administration.

  • Retainer model means

    You get an experienced in-house consultant, plus support from our full team, at a competitive rate on a weekly basis.

  • Consistency

    Consistent long-term engagement takes away the worry that your in-house talent may leave their role, become sick, go on maternity leave etc.

  • Contract

    Forescasting and Administration is easy. You get one bill per month under a frame agreement with set rates that are scaled based on hours needed and complimented with projects as required.

  • You save money

    Discounted rates from our normal outsourced model pricing.


This depends on the requirements of the retainer, but rates can be from 80-106 euro per hour.
If you’re interested in talking to one of our accounts team, please get in touch so we can do a free business evaluation to determine whether you’d be a good fit for this service.