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Retargeting is an essential weapon in a marketers’ arsenal, but retargeting in a lazy or indiscriminate way will only lead to annoying more prospects than creating positive association and conversion. Janne has more information.

“A 2014 study by InSkin Media and RAPP showed that the more an audience saw a retargeted message, the angrier and more annoyed they became.


Data like this goes to show that retargeting to all of your visitors as one audience type and putting the same message in front of them repeatedly really isn’t going to work.

And while the study and data shows that repeated retargeting to the same visitors doesn’t end well, it does also show that 53% of those involved actually initially found the retargeting of ads useful and helpful, but as the number of times the ad is seen increases, as does the annoyance and anger – this leads to the conversion rate dropping quite rapidly.

There are a few options in which you can retarget visitors without bombarding them and annoying them. One I’d really recommend is;

  • Targeting visitors based on how long they’ve been on your retargeting list – different copy and messages for each audience group also works well here. These groups can now be targeted with varying messages and campaigns, such as those that were recently on the site could be enticed back with a limited time offer of some kind, while those that haven’t been on the site in quite a while could be offered a more general discount or offer to entice them to come back.

Placement of the ad is also very important. Ads on unrelated sites are 11x more likely to discourage a purchase, while those that saw an ad 3-5 times on a relevant site were 33% less likely to get angry at said ad and were 66% more likely to think that the ad is actually clever.”

Read the full study from InSkin Media and RAPP here and see the infographic overview here.