Remarketing can be very effective, but bombarding users with ads everywhere they go because they’ve visited your site a couple of times  isn’t the best way to appeal to them. Emil’s going to tell us why and how you can improve this user experience.

“People tend to visit sites multiple times before converting, but that’s not a reason to overload them with adverts for your site or products.

Using a frequency cap on how many ads visitors subsequently see is highly advisable in order to avoid overexposure. Overexposure to previous visitors can have a negative impact on your campaign performance, and can even lead to a negative association with your brand. In a world where users see ads and banners on almost every site, ‘ad/banner blindness’ also comes in to play – people see so many ads that they eventually subconsciously block out the ads and don’t notice or see them. By implementing a frequency cap, you will limit the number of times a tagged users sees a targeted ad when they’re browsing across the internet.

There is no real set number, or even ‘industry standard’ for what the cap number should be – it varies depending on the brand, the product, the service, and the campaign. But this is an opportunity to A/B test and find the optimal number for you and your campaign type(s) – work with one group who receive low exposure versus a higher frequency, ensuring that the test is run during one test period and not sequentially. Another alternative – if running a long-tail campaign – is to start low and slowly increase the cap, monitoring the impressions and CTRs. Once this value plateaus, you’ll know you’ve hit your limit as to what is affective for the type of campaign you’re running.”

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