If you’re looking in to beginning or expanding analytics, optimization and marketing for your site, you have lots of different things to consider. Today, Sami is here to discuss some key things to remember.

Hold on! Don’t start spending your money just yet!

I regularly see a lot of people and companies spending a lot of money on tools they don’t really need or want. When I speak to prospective clients something I always discuss with them is their actual requirements – it’s in no one’s long-term interest to start a service that isn’t actually required.

If you’re looking for analytics, testing and marketing support, be sure to have a list of requirements – the things you want to do, what you want optimised, and what you want to gain from the analytics. Once you know and understand what you want from your website, take a look at some of the free solutions out there – for example a free email marketing tool and basic Google Analytics with the right settings and tags takes you a long way. You could save money and invest, for example, in internal analytics training instead.

While the most expensive tools out there may offer larger and more complex feature sets, if they don’t align with your requirements, it’s not going to be financially worth it. Sometime the smaller, less sophisticated tools will do an adequate job, especially for those just starting out with analytics.”

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