Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is needed to gain good visibility in search engines, such as Google and Bing. Basically this means that your website content and technical setup should follow certain guidelines to be optimized for search engines. Our Technical SEO audit is a service package that gives you a good understanding of how well your website is techincally optimised for search visibility. As an outcome, Quru’s SEO experts will give you prioritised instructions on how search engine optimisation can be improved.

From Keyword Research you get an understanding of how much keywords related to your business are searched in Google, and how well you’re ranking in Google’s organic search results with those keywords. Keyword Research gives you an understanding how you should evolve your content further, and if you should create more content to be present when your target audience is Googling your product or service related terms. The research helps you with building and evolving your content strategy.

When you know your current status of SEO visibility, we can train you to write SEO optimized content. For example, we provide SEO content development training, in which we can train your online content creators to develop their SEO skills even further.

SEO is a part of Search Strategy with SEM. In practise this means that the two (SEO & SEM) should be always being considered as a whole to optimize the use of media budget and resources.

SEO Content Development Training

Search Strategy