SEK invests heavily in the analytics business

Press Release 29.06.2016 | Lehdistötiedote suomeksi | Blogi suomeksi

SEK, the creative house of marketing and communication, buys Quru Oy, a leading Nordic analytics expert and digital customer experience developer.

SEK reinforces its scope of expertise with the acquisition of the analytics, testing and optimization specialist, Quru Oy. The aim of the acquisition is to significantly increase the effectiveness and profitability of marketing communication.

– We want to be at the forefront, offering our clients the most impactful customer communication and understanding. Measurement and analytics play a continuously growing role in our field. SEK’s mission is to fight the overpowering communication noise by concentrating on genuinely meaningful messages and content. The data gained by analytics helps our clients rise above the noise and allows them to concentrate on actions with real impact, says CEO Jari Aalto-Setälä.

Better customer treatment opens new possibilities to brands, customer relationship development and sales

The new opportunities opened as a result of the acquisition can be found in the recent Asiakasviestintä 2016 (Customer Communication 2016) survey carried out by SEK, ASML (Finnish Direct Marketing Association), and Oracle.

– The survey revealed the immense possibilities companies have to increase profits by taking measures to improve their customer experience. Consumers feel that companies do not take into account the needs of the recipients. With Quru, we can recognize and understand customers’ needs throughout the whole process and, consequently, we can create interesting and needed content for the right people, at exactly the right time, tells Sari Sotkas, the executive in charge of SEK’s customer relationship marketing.

Knowledge management has been proven to increase the profitability of marketing

Quru has concrete evidence to support how effective knowledge management increases the profitability of marketing.

– We enable our clients to utilize data and to recognize what works and what doesn’t. Decisions can be made based on facts, not guesswork. We can show that since 2013, our clients have earned more than 100 million euros based on these decisions. When a marketing vanguard like SEK, with a client roster of leading brands, adds this tool to their creative processes, the outcome will be something we passionately wish to be a part of, says the managing director of Quru Steve Jackson.

The SEK-Quru cooperation has already started and the acquisition comes into effect on the 30th June, 2016.

Further information:
Sari Sotkas, SEK, tel. 0400 743 333,
Steve Jackson, Quru, tel. 050 343 5159,