SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an efficient way to get more traffic to your online site. Google Ads (previously Adwords) is the most commonly used platform for doing SEM in Finland. The features of Google Ads tend to evolve all the time and in Quru we know the latest updates so we can tweak your SEM account to perform the best possible way. In order to optimize your media spend, we often start by running a SEM audit to verify your SEM performance. Based on the audit results, we make improvement suggestions and can help you with the implementation of a well-functioning setup, ensuring that all needed elements are in place. SEM accounts have to be optimized on a continuous basis towards your site conversions with optimal CPC (Cost Per Click). Moreover, SEM should never been done in a silo, separate from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – those two should be combined in Search Strategy. Through considering these two as a whole, we can achieve cheaper CPC, higher rankings in Google and larger amounts of site traffic.

Display advertising in Google Display Network (GDN) can also be supplied through us. Display advertising may be a useful method for increasing your brand awareness amongst your target audience.

Search Strategy