The rules of internet marketing change all the time as new features to analytics tools are introduced every day. Everybody working with digital marketing and internet business development should get training on the latest tools and practices at least once a year.

Our most popular trainings and coaching workshops include:

  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords training
  • Google Analytics Basics
  • SEO technical training
  • SEO training for content editors
  • Adobe Analytics training
  • GTM and DTM training (tagging)

We will tailor you a training package that will suit your business and training requirements in analytics, optimisation and marketing. Whichever workshop you choose, we will always use your website and accounts for the training and coach you with real-life examples. Download our service information (fill in the form) for more details on standard services, pricing, what you get and what we need from you to do the training.

Training & Coaching capabilities

No-one wants to do campaigns that aren’t effective. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Adobe Analytics is a tool that allows us to understand how efficient your website and digital marketing campaigns are at providing value to your customers rather than spamming them.
Google Adwords is a pay per click service (ppc) that Quru manages or consults on as you require. As the name describes you only pay for the advert if someone searches for your product or service in a search engine and clicks your advert. We have delivered outstanding return on investment using PPC in the past with results as high as €60:1 (60 euro earnings for every euro spent).
A big challenge that enterprises and content marketers face is writing content that’s optimised for search engines, yet will also appeal to people. Quru can put an SEO slant on the work that your content markers do. So we won't re-write your content, we'll just make it more attractive to a search engine robot and a human reader.
Analytics tags were formerly hard-coded in the website HTML code. The main problem in this model was that you usually had to work with IT people to make the changes to the code. In today’s fast moving Internet world, campaigns are very agile. If you want your analytics to follow so you don't miss out on valuable insights you should use a Tag management tool like Google Tag manager (GTM) or Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). We're well versed with both (and other paid tools too).