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Google has added to its wide-range of targeting options and functionality by releasing Customer Match. Emil has some more details for us.

“Customer Match allows you target ads to a set of users based upon their email addresses when they’re online and logged in to their Google account.

If you have a CRM with customers’ email addresses, you can now securely upload this via AdWords, create your own audience based upon this list, and then use that audience to target ads to. This is a great way of getting ads in front of those people that either subscribers to your site/product or actual exiting customers – those most likely to convert again.

  • From within your AdWords account, you should select Shared Library > Audiences > under ‘Customer emails’ select ‘Create list’.
  • Enter a name for the list.
  • Select ‘Upload customer email addresses’.
  • Ensure your list is hashed and meets the requirements.
  • Select the .csv file containing the data and upload.
  • Add the list to a campaign (Gmail, Search and YouTube) by selecting it under Display Network, Search Network and Online Video.

Once you’ve uploaded an email list for targeting, you can add and remove addresses when required. For YouTube and Gmail, Google will also produce similar audiences based upon your data and eligibility criteria. You can add this additional list by adding it to an ad group within your campaign as you normally would for a remarketing list.

For a full overview and detailed instructions of criteria and how to set up, have a read of the recent Google AdWords post”