Alexandra Aaltonen

Alexandra Aaltonen

Head of Sales Intelligence +358 50 441



  • Bachelor of Hotel-, restaurant and travel business management (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Leppävaara)
  • Developed Quru’s internal Lead generation system
  • Sales process
  • Experiences in project management
  • Invoicing



Name, title and what are you doing at Quru?

My name is Alexandra Aaltonen and my title is Sales Manager. I am working in the account team, helping our account people in sales and coordinating NB sales between Quru and SEK from the beginning to the end. I am also working on lead generation process and managing our NB partners co-operations. Other things that I do at Quru is invoicing.

How did you end up at Quru?

Through our common history from previous workplace. Many of us have been worked in Satama and Trainers’ House back in the days.

What is your most recent discovery about your work?

We have made a strategic sales plan for the next two years during the summer. With this sales plan we want to help our current and new clients to grow and do their business better. During this working process I have learned to know more about small and medium enterprises in Finnish market. When I am reading economy (Talouselämä, Kauppalehti and Economics) newspapers I recall and spot out the companies whom are our clients. I got interested to read more about the article. This way it helps me to understand more about our clients’ market situations.

What is the most challenging thing about your work?

That is a good question. The most challenging thing is to get our sales peoples to work systematically in NB sales process. Everybody knows how the NB sales process goes or what it means, but in practically we are still learning how to do it. NB sales process demands our persistent way to work in order to get a client. Sharing information within the teams is very important. And good communication too.

What is the most relevant thing about your expertise?

Systematical way of working and persistence. You can’t just be doing random hassles. You have to follow up and remind people. And also, a good memory. Good communication. Because in my position, I have to get along with people; being neutral and diplomatic with everybody. And I connecting people to the right thing and the right place. And finally listening, I need to be a good listener.

What new is happening in your field?

The market situation is uncertain at the moment, because there are different kinds of variables affecting the world. Some economist say that the recession will occur within 6 months and the current world political state is unstable (USA China war trade etc). What all these things will affect to our clients? Or will they be affected? How can we help them to see further into the future? What kind of insights we can provide to them clients for making better strategic business decisions?

How has the industry changed during your career?

I started my career in B2B doing sales and marketing, and I can say that is has been changing much. Nowadays, the internet and digitalization has made buying thing, product or service much easier. And buyer is more conscious about the buying process too. So, the marketer needs to find new way to approach the buyer. When are talking about NB selling, client can get all information from Internet. Client wants to book face to face meeting, if there is something useful and meaningful information from vendor’s sales representative. Otherwise client can send a requirement request to the vendor asking for price. In this kind of competition, the winning percent is lower in affection business, where you can somehow influence; face-to-face meeting with client in the earlier sales process before procurement.

If you could only choose one application/program for your job, what would it be?


Describe your work using 5 emojis.


What is the best thing about working at Quru?

The people and opportunities to learn, challenge myself. And a good network that SEK has with Grey and also Salomaa companies.

What have you been doing lately?

We have finalized our strategic sales plan and now we are moving further to put it into practice. And I am working on lead generation process for making it better for us to use. Also I´m involving in marketing automation discussion between Quru, SEK, Dagmar and Salomaa.


I have a broad range of work experience, from lead generation, project management to customer service and sales process.

I am experienced in both email marketing and social media marketing, and manage the lead generation process at Quru.

In additional to that, I also have basic skills and knowledge in SEM and SEO.



  • Taido World Championship 2013 Silver (Dantai-Hokei)
  • Taido World Championship 2013 Bronze (Tenkai)