Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

Senior Online Marketing Strategist+358 40 532 3595emil.siniketo@quru.fi


  • Over five years experience in different digital marketing tools and consulting
    My clients are generating on average a 10:1 ratio of returns to spend, meaning for every euro spent on us we’re making 10 for them.
  • Google AdWords Certified Consultant
  • Google Analytics Certified Consultant



Name, title and what are you doing at Quru?

My name is Emil Siniketo and I work as a Senior Online Marketing Strategist. I work mainly with search and analytics.

How did you end up at Quru?

Through Google Adwords Academy, in 2012/2013. I started off as a trainee.

What have you been doing lately?

The last two weeks I have been sparring with clients on how to maximize their return on investment in different channels, training clients, auditing ad performance and accounts, planning, creating, executing, optimizing ad campaigns based on data, cooperation with other Salomaa companies, reporting on performance in client meetings, checking organic redirect addresses, etc. So, it is very varying what I do.

What is your most recent discovery about your work?

This might be given for people, but it is something you forget. No matter how much you automate things, it always takes somebody, a real person to be there, with the client, in order for the client work to work out. And you have to be present in order for the client to be satisfied. In general, no matter how much you involve AI into the work, you always have to have a human behind it.

What is the most challenging thing about your work?

Cooperation and communication and finding time for it. Trying to see the value in human contact as well as in deliverables. Not only doing the routine work. Every time we start with a new client there is always focus on what we do and produce. Being able to keep cooperation and communication up and alive throughout the client relationship lifetime is something that is very hard to do, it’s challenging. So, in short, people and relations.

What is the most relevant thing about your expertise?

For me it’s a combination of different skills. I started off with advertising, and that is something I have built upon. And there are other things, like understanding client’s needs is what I see as my biggest strength. Understanding the customer path and what affects it.

What new is happening in your field?

There is new stuff coming all the time. We work closely with the other Salomaa agencies as well, and we get a lot of new betas from Google. For Google Ads, for instance, there is Google Shopping that has been coming up. In addition to this, AI is becoming accessible to everybody through new tools and features. Another thing I want to add to this is the end of last click-thinking. Clients understand the complete conversion path and are able to pinpoint it all right. For example, we can see the importance of a specific ad campaign or Facebook campaign. I think this is something that has been up and rising for the last couple of years and now we are seeing the end of last click. Not for all clients, but for most of them. There is a lot of new stuff and it is evolving all the time.

How has the industry changed during your career?

My career at Quru has been quite long. During these years the industry has changed a lot. When I started off, website analytics were not taken seriously yet. I do not think it was seen as a marketing tool yet. It was not utilized to the point it is at the moment. In general, digital marketing was a fragment of what it is nowadays with all its features. Now everybody knows and understands why analytics are important, but it can be used for so much more as well.

If you could only choose one application/program for your job, what would it be?

Google Analytics. A lot of people with my background would probably say Google Ads or whatever, but Google Analytics, linked with Google Ads and the other Google tools gives you so much more of an answer.

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What is the best thing about working at Quru?

Breakfast, relaxed, trusting atmosphere, freedom, and great colleagues. That sums it up and is probably the reason behind my long career at Quru.


I work as an online marketing strategist for Quru. I help customers understand what digital marketing is and how it can help achieve their online business objectives. In addition to this I help our customers improve their online business based on data. Measuring, insights and actions based on data are what make my work interesting.


I plan and build ad accounts, optimize and test different strategies based on set KPIs and report on these. I tell the client what is happening on their site, the causes and the actions to take. I also help building measurement plans and defining KPIs.


I like to share my knowledge to my dear colleagues at Quru and our customers. I have coached marketing professionals and hosted workshops on the topic of online marketing.


I use different Google tools for different parts of my work: Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Google AdWords, Google Analytics & Datastudio. I also work with Bing Ads, Doubleclick for Search, Yandex Direct, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads.