Henry Morales

Henry Morales

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Name, title and what are you doing at Quru?

My name is Henry Morales and my title is Director of Key Accounts. My main job is to take care of our customers business needs. I monitor all the activities we are doing with them, review and plan business strategies and give suggestions about where they can go next. That is one of my main responsibility. I’m also a stakeholder in Quru’s sales and business development. I also do the consultant work. I do web analytics analyses, digital marketing advertising, CRO, web analytics training and SEO.

How did you end up at Quru?

I am one of the founders of the company. It was always a goal of mine to start a company and when this opportunity presented itself, I decided to take my shot at it, and it worked out for me.

What have you been doing lately?

I am involved in an enterprise size tag management system migration for one customer, planning internal employee development for another customer, and following up on legislation changes to advertising targeting that is happening in the US, which could have global implications that effects my clients. There are also internal things like service development around Quru.

What is your most recent discovery about your work?

I would not say it is a discovery, but a humble reminder, that communication is a fragile thing. Something may seem to be clear and understood by everybody one moment can literally moments later be completely fragmented and very different from what you perceived was understood by everyone. I think it is a reminder that you constantly need to go back and maintain that line of communication.

What is the most challenging thing about your work?

Maintaining communication is one of them. But it is also difficult to make time for all the things I think are worth learning about and doing. There is a lot of stuff out there and making time for those things and other things going on in your life is challenging.

What is the most relevant thing about your expertise?

Having experience in the areas that I work in, is very handy. But you do not need it all the time. In some areas where you have little to no experience, that can work in your favor because you are not weighted down or boxed in of known obstacles. You have a much more open palette to work with. But having experience in the areas where I work in comes in handy. It is at least a starting point that I can reference from and start thinking critically, and hopefully that helps me pivot in the right direction to go and avoid pitfalls that I have made in the past. I think that’s probably my most relevant expertise.

What new is happening in your field?

In advertising, one of the big things that has made waves, but we do not really know the effect of it yet, will be this change in how advertisers using Google can target content that may look like it is intended for children. Due to new legislation in the United States, new rules will be added, and this will have a major impact for big and small companies. It could kill a lot of companies if they rely solely on content that is meant for children. It will be interesting to see how this is rolled out in the coming months. Will it stay specific to one part of the world or will this start a domino effect in other markets and industries?

How has the industry changed during your career?

It is constantly reinventing itself. There is always a new thing coming around the corner. Or it is already there, it just was not at your front door yet. TikTok, for example, is making ways in Finland. It has been around for a few years already, it has just finally reached our shores, gotten noticed and started to be taken seriously. There is always a new emerging platform around the corner that different demographics are taking a hold of. Another new piece to add to this big, mosaic world of data and behavior that we live in. It is exciting, but also quite daunting to make time to try staying on top of things.

If you could only choose one application/program for your job, what would it be?

An analytic software monitoring application like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. That is how we pay the bills, so that is what I would need to figure out what people are doing, where they are coming from, how they are behaving, how they are doing what I intend my business for them to do.

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What is the best thing about working at Quru?

Definitely the diversity of people and businesses I get to collaborate with on a daily basis. So, people at Quru, our clients, and our partners. I am fortunate that I can be in an industrial industry discussion in one moment and then pivot over to the mobile games world, or maybe it is an operator, or maybe it is selling yogurt. All of them bring their own set of challenges and diverse ecosystems that they play in. I think those are always good challenges to have, to see what you learn on a daily basis. How you can use similar tactics, and in most cases you can, but you have to retailor it. The people I get to work with are definitely the life force to keep things interesting, and there are very nice, funny people around Quru especially.

FAQ: What is required for developing your analytics skills? SEM, SEO, etc?

Willingness. Having the mindset of wanting to push yourself and being curious to learn more about that specific field you are in. But then also venture off that track and look at the other connected and related fields, because that is really where you start developing better insights about how things are all related and connected to each other. In our business, context is the key. The data can help point at something that is happening, but without the context of understanding the dynamics around that data it can be almost useless information. You have to be motivated to continue to develop, because what you know today can literally be obsolete the next day because of a new technology. But also take adventures in other fields that you are not necessarily working in on a daily basis. It is good to learn other fields because they are quite interconnected. That is also what makes a good customer insight. You should be able to connect or align that insight to an overall business objective for whatever thing you are dealing with. If you cannot connect those dots you might just sit on something interesting and not something actionable. Trying to find pieces of information that you can act on is a great place to be. And then you can at least have a meaningful discussion about what you can do with it.

I’m a dedicated professional practicing in digital analytics for the past 14 years.

During this time I’ve had various roles and responsibilities in many digital marketing fields, such as; search marketing, email marketing, display marketing, multi channel analytics, conversion optimization, multivariate testing, social media marketing, tag management along with constant use of a variety of analytics tools.

Coordination and direction of long term projects is one of my key strengths. I’ve delivered SEO programs to global corporations with hundreds of stakeholders. I also coordinated SEM with over 50 global markets and their agencies in addition to project managing many technical implementation projects in the last 10 years.



  • BA International Studies
  • 14 years experience with digital marketing and analytics industry
  • Experienced team leader, project manager and account director
  • International speaker at industry events and event organizer
  • €20 Million in client wins


  • ABM Certification: Foundations
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification