Mira Mäkiranta

Mira Mäkiranta

CEO Quru Helsinki+358 50 511 1237mira.makiranta@quru.fi


Name, title and what are you doing at Quru?

My name is Mira Mäkiranta, CEO. I am responsible for the strategic direction of the company – where are we going and how to get there. I also train a lot of Google Analytics.

How did you end up at Quru?

I was here from the very beginning. I was part of the Satama Analytics team who formed the Quru core in 2009. However, I gave birth to my first son exactly when Quru – back then Kwantic – was launched, so I joined about nine months later as a Senior Web Analyst.

What is your most recent discovery about your work?

One of the key learnings from the past few years has been that collaboration, or doing things together, does not always come easily. Even though people want to do things together and it makes sense for everybody, sometimes good intentions tend to get lost in everyday tasks. That is also my next big thing: I would like us all to do more work together, not only between individuals or Quru Turku and Quru Helsinki, but also with other Salomaa companies and even internationally.

What is the most challenging thing about your work?

The most challenging thing may be internal communication. If there is a huge success story, then a big part of it is usually good internal comms. If something goes wrong, then very often it is due to some misunderstanding, not the lack of competence.

What is the most relevant thing about your expertise?

I know the business we are doing, really the detailed level of it, because I have been living and breathing data and marketing myself so long.

What new is happening in your field?

If we think about the field as using data in marketing, there is so much happening right now. Everything related to AI and machine learning needs data as a fuel. Everyone has lots of data nowadays, but what is more and more coming up is integrating different data sets and truly analyzing what is in there. More advanced analysis is rising. Also, using data and technology in the creative work is a big trend internationally, and we are going to be a part of it with our sister company SEK.

How has the industry changed during your career?

When we started our business ten years ago, Nokia business had just declined. Market was just emerging: We needed to start teaching our potential clients what data is and how it is beneficial. Ten years after, everyone knows what online analytics and marketing data is. There are much more people doing it, and companies are much savvier on what is happening and what they need. That is a big difference.

If you could only choose one application/program for your job, what would it be?

Excel. It does everything. I have even been drawing pictures with Excel by coloring the cells.

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What is the best thing about working at Quru?

The best thing is the constantly developing business we are in, and the awesome people I am allowed to work with. I am lucky to be surrounded by a group of extremely talented and funny experts. Also being a part of Salomaa is a great spot to view at the whole marketing industry.

I’m a passionate web analyst and conversion optimist who loves numbers and always seeks to know where they came from to understand things deeper.

I have more than 15 years of experience of market research and 10 years of experience of web analytics.

Over these years I’ve had an honor of helping dozens of Finnish and international companies learn how to make better decisions using real data.

I also work as a Google Analytics Regional Trainer in Finland.



  • Have worked as retained resource leading analyst teams for clients
  • 15 years market research experience
  • 10 years analytics experience


  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Google Adwords Individual Certification
  • Omniture Certified Expert: Site Catalyst