Pirjo Turunen

Pirjo Turunen

Senior Web Analyst+358 44 3071976pirjo.turunen@quru.fi

My passion lies within making all the pieces click together. In my work as a web analyst, this means setting up the business goals and purchase funnels, making sure these goals are being monitored within the website and that the real-time reporting and data collecting is being set, so that business as well as site improvement decisions can be based on an actual data.

But what is monitoring and data, if no one finds the site or likes enough to stay at the site? This is why I am on constant a crusade on reminding of the importance of the site contents and it’s technical implementation in regards to SEO and SEM. Without a well-functioning website and SEO, getting the best possible efficiency from SEM is just tawdry. Without proper SEO and SEM, getting people to the site is difficult if not near impossible, and without accurate, goal based data acquisition, it is just a guessing game to know how the site and marketing measures have worked and what needs to be fixed. I don’t like to guess – I want to know.

I have many tools. I know my way around GA, GTM, Data Studio, AdWords, SEO, SEM, KPI’s and many other abbreviations, and I use them frequently. Not the abbreviations, mind you, the tools (the abbreviations are mostly on namedropping purposes). I have a several years of experience within digital marketing, web analytics and online campaign planning and implementation. In my previous lifetime, I worked with building and developing business process management systems (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001), as well as within environmental management and CO2-trade.


  • MSc in Geology
  • BBA in Business Information Technology


  • GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)