Sami Rahikka

Sami Rahikka

Account Director+358 50 514

As an Account Director, it’s my job to be your contact in Quru. As a Jack of all trades and a Master of None, I’m the first and last face you will see in Quru.

I have over 13 years account management experience from various industries, all shapes and sizes all the way from start-ups businesses to global enterprises and government organisations. I am the one that calls you, sets up a meeting, listens, presents solutions, handle the contracts and everything else required to manage your account. I participate in all of my customer projects, but especially keen to be in our KPI workshops, where we hear your goals and needs.

These become our goals too.


  • Bachelor of Business and Administration, thesis published on business to business email marketing
  • My clients are generating on average a 10:1 ratio of returns to spend, meaning for every euro spent on us we’re making 10 for them.
  • I also routinely find 6 figure business opportunities for my clients using your analytics tools.