Quru Helsinki

Henry Morales

Key Account Director

What I do is help people tell stories with analytics.

Mira Mäkiranta

Senior Web Analyst

Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. But data is a good place to start.

Fanny Le Béguec

Senior Web Analyst

The most important question is “why do you have a website?”. If we can answer it clearly and shortly, then, everything is possible.

Simo Leppänen

Senior Web Analyst

As success grows more reliant on data, we must look deeper to unmask the advantage.

Mirkka Tajakka

Senior Web Analyst

Personalized content on the right channel, at the right moment. That’s not the future – it’s the reality.

Riku Suvioja

SEO specialist

You can’t just only “SEO” your website and be done with that. SEO is the composite of relevancy, consistency and especially patience. It is like the goal post that moves forever.

Tatu Kallonen

Technical Web Analyst

Behavior is the closest thing to a user’s personality we can measure.

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