Quru Helsinki

Steve Jackson


The best thing about learning is that no-one can take it away from you. Digital marketing is art and science. We teach both.

Janne Korpi


You get what you measure. The key to success is making sure your metrics are also relevant to your business.

Sami Rahikka

Account Director

No matter what your business is, if it’s B2B, B2C or something in between, there is a way to find the value your digital business and monetise it.

Henry Morales

Key Account Director

What I do is help people tell stories with analytics.

Alexandra Aaltonen

Sales Manager

Never give up if you fail, just get up and look forward. Learn from your mistakes and become stronger and better

Clinton Deacon


No need to guess when the data is right there at your finger tips

Mira Mäkiranta

Senior Web Analyst

Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. But data is a good place to start.

Sanna Åman

Senior Web Analyst

Not optimizing? Not an option. Making just a few good tweaks to your website can take your marketing performance to a whole new level.

Fanny Le Béguec

Senior Web Analyst

The most important question is “why do you have a website?”. If we can answer it clearly and shortly, then, everything is possible.

Simo Leppänen

Senior Web Analyst

As success grows more reliant on data, we must look deeper to unmask the advantage.

Sami Vaala

Senior Web Analyst

I’m always asking why. No answer should ever be taken for granted

Mirkka Tajakka

Senior Web Analyst

Personalized content on the right channel, at the right moment. That’s not the future – it’s the reality.

Mikko Köngäs

Senior Online Marketing Strategist

478% increase in revenue: these are the kinds of results you can achieve with online marketing. Need I say more?

Emil Siniketo

Senior Online Marketing Strategist

Is the conversion to sale your key point of interest? Mine is.

Riku Suvioja

SEO specialist

You can’t just only “SEO” your website and be done with that. SEO is the composite of relevancy, consistency and especially patience. It is like the goal post that moves forever.

Vilma Järvinen

Account Coordinator

Working hard you can achieve a lot, but it takes a team to make a change

Pauliina Määttä

Web Analyst

Even though you can’t literally get into your consumers’ minds, with right measuring and smart analysis you can get pretty close – why would you miss this chance?

Tatu Kallonen

Technical Web Analyst

Behavior is the closest thing to a user’s personality we can measure.

Johanna Urho

Project Manager

Happy customer is one of my main goals.

Minttu Hämäläinen

Junior Web Analyst

You need to know your customers first before offering them solutions. Data analytics gives you that benefit.

Quru Turku

Kalle Heinonen

Senior Vice President

Experience is the only thing you can invest that makes you richer.

Jan Koivukangas

Digital Marketing Director

Follow the data, but remember to bring your brain along.

Sampsa Suoninen

Chief Technology Strategist

Why guess, when you can measure it?

Jarkko Niemelä

Data Scientist

Your problems + my solutions = actionable results

Pauliina Aalto

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

I want to find the right channels, audiences and messaging to maximize the client's results. The possibilities and measureability of digital marketing fascinates me. 

Antti Konttinen

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Ask data.

Sanmeet Walia

Digital Analytics Consultant

Measure. Manage. Master.

Patrik Nummila

Digital Marketing Specialist

Continuous optimization is the only way, there are no shortcuts.