We’ve previously talked about how you can utilise Excel to help sort and prioritise links and pages for SEO. Well now, this has been made even easier within Screaming Frog. Vivek is going to tell us about it.

“The new version 3.0 of Screaming Frog brings a number of new features, but one of them I’m finding really handy – the ‘tree view’.

With the implementation of the tree view, it pretty much eliminates the need for me to perform the manual process of sorting and managing links in Excel when I’m trying to prioritise them for review and SEO.

In Screaming Frog, your crawl results are normally show in a ‘list view’, but this new tree view will show you everything in a traditional directory type view. Even in this new view you can still select each level/branch of the crawl and view the lower-level detail right alongside.

Screaming Frog Tree View

Switching to this view will allow you to see the site structure and hierarchy in a different way, allowing you to see groups or URLs and how and where they are associated to others on the site – again, allowing for easier review and prioritisation.

But note, the SEO spider doesn’t crawl in this way as default, so when you select to see your data in tree view, it will take a bit of time to build the page and data. For larger crawls, you’ll likely see a progress bar on the page to give you an indication of how long things are taking and how long may be left until completion.”

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