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If you want to see how successful a campaign was when marketing an Android app, there’s a way to track campaign codes in the Google Play Store to ensure you get all the insights you need. Tuomo has the details.

“If you’re running a campaign for an Android app, you’ll obviously want to see how successful that campaign was and how many installs/updates of the app it drove. The following could be used across a number of different campaigns to see which is the most successful, enabling you to tailor future campaigns with specific content and copy.

The Google Play Store allows for campaign tracking codes from your campaign platform to the store to the app, meaning that if you send someone to the store with a campaign tracking code, it can be tracked in your analytics.

Once you’ve created your code and app URL, use them in your campaigns, and when a user then clicks the link, you’ll see the data flow back to your analytics (dependent upon your analytics being set up correctly) – see some great previous tips on campaign tagging and set up here and here.

For a more detailed set of instructions, have a read of Jan Exner’s great blog post on Web Analytics For Developers .”