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Platforms that make remarketing easier is always music to an advertiser’s ears. Well Twitter is singing that song with its’ updated universal website tag. Emil has the details.

“Tagging your site in order to track actions and user behaviour for remarketing purposes can be a laborious task. But Twitter, along with other platforms, is now making this easier by moving to a single multi-purpose universal website tag.

As Twitter details it in their blog post:

“Previously, you needed to create a new snippet of code for each conversion event you wanted to track and each tailored audience you wanted to build. With the universal website tag, you can install a single snippet of code — the universal website tag — across your entire website by placing it in a global page header, on every page of your site, or in a third-party tag manager. Once installed, you can use the universal website tag to easily create and manage conversion events and tailored audiences without making any additional changes to tags on your website.”

With the universal tag, it’s now easier to track numerous conversions points and sets of customers all with one, single tag – with the universal tag allowing you to build up to 200 audiences.

The universal website tag is available now within the Twitter Ads dashboard to all advertisers. Additional API access will also be rolled out in the coming weeks.”