We’ve previously dished out tips about posting natively to Facebook to increase your reach, but today we have some additional information regarding posting videos natively to Facebook.

“Whether it’s auto-playing videos or Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm favouring its own videos, views and interactions on native Facebook videos are on the increase.

A recent Quintly study looked at 1 million video posts on Facebook, scraped from 150,000 Facebook pages, including 70,000 pages which had posted videos natively to Facebook.

The study found that native Facebook videos had an interaction rate of almost 4 times that of YouTube, with interaction rates as follows:

  • Native Facebook: 0.53%
  • YouTube: 0.15%
  • Vimeo: 013%
  • Other: 0.14% (including Twitch, Vevo, and Red Bull media player)

And to the earlier point of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, native Facebook videos account for 65% of videos shown on a user’s timeline.


And whilst auto-play is turned off by a lot of users, for those that don’t it still acts as a great attention grabber and is a valuable tool for advertisers that need/want to get a user’s attention in those imperative first few seconds.

If you’re currently producing content, whether that be ads of features, and uploading to and sharing from YouTube to other platforms, now may be the time to rethink that strategy and start posting natively to Facebook – this will hopefully lead to an increase in impressions, interactions and conversions!

Image credits: Quintly blog