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Facebook Canvas ads allow you to make a fully immersive mobile ad experience, combining images, videos, text and CTAs. Emil has more details.

“It can be hard to fully showcase your brand or product in a single image or video, and stand-alone options like Carousel ads don’t always fully engage users. Now there’s a way to really tell your story and showcase gorgeous images and videos with text and CTAs all in one ad with Facebook Canvas .

As part of the creative process you can upload a header component, a main photo component, buttons for CTAs, additional text (limited to 500 characters), an image carousel, and a video component – ideally a minimum of 720p in portrait orientation, in .mov or synthroid pill.mp4, and with a total runtime of under 2 minutes (for all videos combined in your ad). Bear in mind that the first frame of the video will be the video thumbnail – this can’t be changed – so make your first frame a good one! You should also add captions to the video so that those with no sound on or for those who are hearing impaired can also interact and engage with the ad.

Creating a Canvas ad allows for users to interact with images – swiping and scrolling to see more, as well as having the ad utilise the device gyroscope to move and manipulate images as the device is moved. Combined with engaging video(s), informative text, and killer CTAs, this is a great way of drawing in user attention and getting them to engage and covert.

Canvas is currently available through Power Editor. Once you’ve created a Canvas in PE, the Canvas Builder will then be available through your Page’s publishing tools and composer. For those that aren’t yet Power Editor users, you can request access to Canvas Builder here . Also check out the above link for different examples of how Canvas ads can be created and displayed.”

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