Microsoft Excel can be used for many things, including allowing you to manage lists of links (or any other data) you may be working with, and by helping you to break down and organise them. Vivek has a great example.

“I use the ‘text to column’ feature in Excel really regularly to help me break down long links and manage, group and organise them. It’s really handy, and allows me to group certain data together when I’m doing such things as prioritising pages for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here’s an example of how you can do this.

Export your list of links that you want to organise in to Excel.
Step 1

Highlight the links and select Data > Text To Columns from the Excel menu bar.
Step 2

The wizard will now guide you through the process, but here’s what I do –
Step 1 – The Delimited option should be selected by default, so select Next.
Step 3

Step 2 – If you’re working with web links, in the Delimiters section select the check-box for Other and insert a / in the field next to it. Select Next.
Step 4

Step 3 – Remove any data in the Destination field and either manually enter or select the fields where you want the link broken down in to. Select Finish.
Step 5
Step 6

Your data will now be broken down, allowing you to now sort and organise it accordingly.”

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