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Mazda recently increased their leads by 5x, and reduced their cost per lead by 85%. If you’re not using Facebook’s Lead ads, maybe now’s the time. Emil has more details.

“Facebook’s Lead ads are powerful, yet still underused. If your content and CTAs are on point, Lead ads could bring you same kind of improvements and return it did for Mazda.

A Lead ad is an easy way for users to express their interest in product or service, by simply clicking the ad, reviewing the already pre-populated information, and clicking submit. Data is drawn from the users’ own Facebook account and pre-filled in so that they don’t have to. This allows a user to very quickly elect to receive information, such as price estimates, newsletters, or special offers.

By pre-populating the required fields from a users’ Facebook information, this can save them a matter of minutes compared to manually filling out a contact form – this is especially the case for forms on mobile sites where it’s not always easy to navigate between fields and fill them in. This can now be shorted down to a few seconds, with the user only needing to complete any specific information you require that have not previously completed as part of their Facebook profile.

Lead ads are fully customisable, allowing you to create and manage three key areas of the ad; the CTA, asking of open-ended or multiple choice questions and associated answer options, and the format of the content, allowing for additional video, carousel items and context cards.

This data is not only essential for initial leads, but also for retargeting campaigns, allowing you to put certain ads and copy in front of those that have already expressed an interest in your brand or product – or to exclude those users in certain campaigns.

Lead ads really are multi-purpose, and well worth investing some time and money in to get essential data on potential clients and aid future campaigns. Check out all of the features and functionality over at Facebook .”