Are you a bit of a number junkie? Or do you have to analyse and manipulate lots of data for reporting purposes? Even if you hate spreadsheets and all that mathematics jazz, Tuomo could have some exiting information for you today!

“I’ve recently begun using R for some of my data and statistical analysis work. It’s a free software programming language which allows you to create code within a simple UI which can then be applied to a data repository.

I use R to create Python scripts which can then data mine my clients’ data straight from the Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture (SiteCatalyst) APIs. The UI I use then enables me to create statistical and graphical outputs in order to better visualise the data.”

What I love about R is that it means I don’t have to go anywhere near Excel – everything is handled and controlled by the R code I have input and by the UI I’m using. Should someone want the data in Excel though, I can still easily export it in to that format, as well as others.”

If you’re a programmer or analyst, and you’d like to know how R could help you with your data mining, analysis or statistics, read more about the R Project, or feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to try and help you out! 

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