VWO, the popular A/B testing tool, has updated its statistics engine to its new SmartStats, offering a better way of testing and making decisions from your data. Riikka has more information on the latest update.

“VWO is a tool we use regularly to A/B test proposed changes and development to clients’ website. We rely on the stats and data provided to assist us in making decisions relating to design, marketing and increasing conversions.

VWO’s new SmartStats engine offers a number of newly improved ways to provide faster results while looking for the ‘better choice’. Instead of taking much longer to find the ‘absolute truth’, SmartStats works to give you more intelligent answers, and, while there is the risk of getting more false positives, they’re false positives which won’t hurt or negatively affect the bottom line.

But, should you wish to be cautious, and eliminate as many false positives as possible, there’s also High Certainty mode which can be selected. This will take longer to run as it runs tests on more samples, but will be of higher accuracy.

Calculations have also been updated, so they too are more accurate when approximating results and trends, giving even further confidence in the results and using them in business decisions. If you’d like to read the geeky technical stuff, head over to VWO’s blog and check out the details there.”

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