When should you outsource digital analytics and marketing?

When should you outsource?

It’s not easy to decide when is the optimal situation for outsourcing. Most often outsourcing is needed when you look for competitive advantage, latest expertise and to extend your team in hunt for growth. If you still would like to do all the work internally and you are not fully sure whether your performance is keeping up with the industry benchmark, you might want to use the below list in mind. We also suggest to buy full inspection of your digital performance at least once per year.

7 questions to ask yourself or your team:

  1. Looking at your daily routines, can you find time for analytics implementation or analysis of reports?
  2. Looking at your past week, did you read any digital analytics data?
  3. Looking at your past two weeks, have you found any major insights from your data?
  4. Looking at your previous months, have you been able to focus on optimising your business based on data?
  5. Looking at your previous quarter, did you use data in tactical moves?
  6. Looking at your previous year did data play a strategic role in your growth or lack of data in your loss?
  7. Can you rely on your data?


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