One of the keys to changing the culture in your company to be more data driven is to solidly prove that your system works to bring value to the business.

To get started, you need quick wins – business cases you can use to help your colleagues understand analytics. In this Quru whitepaper, we describe some easy techniques to do this using REAN as the framework for your thought process.

To get approval for investments in advanced analytics, you have to demonstrate value, preferably monetary value.
Quick wins are proven insights about the value of web analytics that can be shared across the business to help build acceptance and to get people interested.

In the whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn how to ask the right questions to define a business case for web analytics
  • See how to identify you own quick wins, the business cases for sharing the value of analytics
  • Learn a process you can follow to design the business cases you need
  • Get step-by step instruction for defining a business case in Google Analytics
  • See case examples of quick wins from different business areas
  • Get an analytics business case checklist to guide you in your work